Heuvos Rancheros Burritos

I’m not an egg person. I don’t just wake up and make myself a fried egg with toast. Oddly enough though, whenever I go out for breakfast or brunch I always find myself ordering interesting variations of eggs. Heuvos Rancheros is one of my favorites. The eggs are just a vessel used to hold a variety of fresh and vibrant flavors, and this burrito version is great to make in bulk, so you don’t have worry next time someones coming over for brunch. 


Here’s what you’ll need for 8 servings.

8 flour tortillas

8 eggs

1/2 cup milk

salt and pepper to taste

1 cup salsa

1/2 cup sour cream

2 cups shredded cheese

1/2 cup sliced jalapeños


It’s pretty simple. Just beat the eggs with some salt, pepper, and the milk. In a fry pan heat 4 Tblspns oil, and make scrambled eggs. Keep them on the undercooked side, because they’ll continue to cook in the oven.  


Place 1/8 of the eggs in the center of a tortilla and top it off with salsa and sprinkle of the shredded cheese.


Roll the tortillas and place them in an oven proof side by side.


Top them off with some cheese before baking. I added some chopped red bell pepper for color and flavor as well. 


Once the cheese has browned take them out of the oven and top them with sour cream and jalapeños. As variations go, you can always add your favorite breakfast meat, chicken, or even black beans. 

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