AllThingsFood has evolved over the years. What started out as a business venture in 2009 by a 19 year old college student under the name ‘Piece of Cake’, AllThingsFood has become a multifaceted blog. By featuring original recipes, inspiration and custom desserts and baked goods available for order in the Chicagoland area, my aim is to create a space where everything is truly about food, from my kitchen, the heart of my home, to yours.


8 thoughts on “About

  1. tehreem

    I never knew u had a blog……Im doing blog my self….Follow me there too……..:) Hope u will enjoy my recipe too……..

  2. Sana

    I have tried many recipes for Crispy Fried Chicken Burgers and yours is by far the most delicious one and truly ‘crispy’!

  3. Ania TastyQuery


    I saw your blog and thought it had great recipes and awesome pictures! I therefore would like to invite you to our new culinary website which has just started.

    This is how it works in short. TastyQuery.com is a website for food bloggers and their fans allowing them to automatically collect recipes from your food blog. It’s a large database of links to recipes on food blogs. Everyone can join us for free.

    For more please visit:

    TastyQuery.com is an English version of our main website called “Mikser Kulinarny”, founded in Poland. “Mikser Kulinarny” has a large audience (over 2 mln unique visitors monthly) and with TastyQuery.com we want to repeat that success and drive thousands of new visitors to your food blog.

    In case of any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    best regards

    Ania, TastyQuery.com

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