Instant Pot Chicken Jalfrezi

I’ve been experimenting with my instant pot lately, and i’ve started appreciating it on a whole other level. I usually use it as a pressure cooker, but i’ve been using the slow cook option and i’m loving it. The way it breaks down onions and tomatoes to make a smooth masala has me sold. Here’s how I make Chicken Jalfrezi in my instant pot.


Super Green Kababs

They get their name from the crisp fresh coriander, green chillies and green onions that blend together only to burst through the earthy flavors that are also mixed into this delicious concoction.


Caesar Salad Club Sandwiches

…I opened my fridge to take out eggs to boil, and I saw caesar salad dressing and I thought to myself, Fatima, if you can somehow make your club sandwich taste like your all time favourite salad, you’re a genius. So I did.